5 things you NEED to do next time at Sephora

Sephora storefront

Amanda here with a quick tip for your Sunday shopping adventures!

Personally, I love shopping on Sunday mornings. When you get to the mall and it first opens, you really get the run of the place! That’s my favorite time to go to places like Sephora, because the employees tend to be more attentive. I love chatting with them about makeup, skincare, brushes, etc. Getting their recommendations helps my decision making process so much easier!

Here is a list of 5 things you absolutely need to do next time you go to Sephora…

  1. Ask for a sample. At Sephora, the “cast members” (employees) are encouraged to give samples. Have you been waiting to try a Boscia moisturizer but don’t have the money to purchase the full size? Ask for a sample! You can get as many as you want, so don’t hold back.
  2. Sign up to be a Beauty Insider. If you aren’t a Beauty Insider already, you’re missing out. Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is fantastic. You sign up for free, earn rewards as you shop, get a free birthday reward, and when you earn enough points from shopping, you can spend them on deluxe sized samples! Once you spend $350 in a calendar year, you are bumped up to VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) status where you enjoy additional rewards…if you’re feeling frisky, spend $1000 within the calendar year to become VIB Rouge!
  3. Get a touch up. Sephora offers free services, like a lip color touch up or a quick lesson on how to do a perfect smoky eye. If they aren’t too busy, they may offer more services as well! Keep in mind, unless you’re VIB Rouge, a full makeover will set you back $50, which you use toward purchases.
  4. Check out the impulse fixture on your way to the register. The impulse fixture in Sephora is both genius and the worst thing that’s ever happened. It’s fabulous that they sell deluxe sized samples of products like Benefit’s Porefessional or NARS laguna bronzer/orgasm blush duos, but it’s also tempting! The nice thing about this fixture is that you can try the more expensive products for a much cheaper price. I recently picked up Urban Decay’s Stay All Night setting spray, something I have been wanting to try! The down side? It is so easy to pick up things you don’t really need and spend a lot of money doing it.
  5. Look at the Clearance areas. At the end of some of the rows in the back of the store, there will be clearance items. Not a whole lot and there won’t be an Hourglass Ambient Light Powder or an Urban Decay Electric Palette, but there will be some Sephora brand items or limited edition items that haven’t sold out yet.

I hope this helps you next trip to the mall (and inevitably, Sephora!) be productive, educational, and FUN :)

Now that I think about it…I think I’ll go today and pick up some GlamGlow samples (I still need to try ThirstyMud!)…


Stay glam,



2 thoughts on “5 things you NEED to do next time at Sephora

  1. Perfect post! but unfortunately in my country, Sephora is so careless and much more expensive than usa. Deluxe sized samples or small samples are not for us because employees are having them for their relatives and theirselfs.


    • That is horrible!

      Next time you’re in the states you should definitely go to Sephora and get as many samples as possible :)

      Thanks for the feedback, this was a fun article to write!


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