FIFA Fashion: World Cup Players off the Pitch

english team lions

England’s team in Marks and Spencer suits.

With so many people in the United States following the World Cup these days, there are a lot of uninformed spectators enjoying the global game. Even for non-sport enthusiasts, the World Cup provides an eyeful of well-coiffed, lean, and (nowadays) tatted Adonises.

Soccer players are not fashion novices. With many of the best clubs located in fashion capitals around the world, it’s no surprise that some of the lavish salaries of these footballers go to high-end duds. In addition, the top style houses love to promote themselves and their national teams come tournament time. Check out some of the Hugo Boss-clad German team, the English team in Marks and Spencer above, and the…not-so-clothed Italian team (you can always count on D&G for some heavy homoeroticism).


(Some of) Germany’s national team.


italian team_dolce and gabbana

(Some of) Italy’s nation team for Euro Cup 2012.

The player probably most associated with style these days is Christiano Ronaldo of Team Portugal (Real Madrid in the regular club season). His model good looks and goal-scoring history have landed him multiple sponsorships from Nike, Armani, Tag Heuer watches, and Dolce and Gabbana. The man even started his own underwear line.


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Surprised? He could probably retire from the pitch and live the rest of his life charging tourists to take pictures of him in his CR7 briefs. Woof!

But there are other pretty faces and, more importantly, pretty fabric patterns feeding World Cup fever.

Michael Essien: Ghana

This AC Milan player certainly deserves his new fashionable home in Italy. The man can rock a suit and every outfit is paired with his infamous frames and well-styled kinky curls.

Keisuke Honda: Japan

The yellow-belted suit is a special favorite of mine. The color combo is risky, teetering on the edge of the gender line, which makes it all the more pleasing.

Jack Wilshere: England


This Burberry mod look imitates the lines of a suit, but has all the comfort—and eye-catching cling—of a well-made sweater. And Wilshere’s David Beckham-inspired look fits the bill.

Olivier Giroud: France


The vast majority of the French team seemed to be channeling a kind of late Victorian, early 20th century look with their rounded collars and oiled hairstyles. But Olivier Giroud wears it best on and off the field.

And what of our finalists? While both Argentina’s and Germany’s players have excellent fashion sense, it may be more exciting to predict the winning team by two stars’ fashion mistakes.

Argentina’s play is certainly more lyrical and extravagant than their northern opponents. Although, as leader Lionel Messi has proven through his torpid relationship with Dolce & Gabbana, such lavish plays can lead to big mistakes. Just check out some of his truly garish suits below.

For Argentina’s sake, I hope Messi’s choices off the pitch don’t affect his play.

German star Thomas Muller’s wardrobe is also reflective of his team’s style—very safe and very, very German. Muller doesn’t step out of his comfort zone when it comes to fashion, and he seems to have a misguided love of lederhosen, but the clothes fit his lean physique well. If his teammates can keep cool and consistent in steamy Brazil, I predict they may sweat out Argentina.

If you’re itching for more beautiful players in beautiful clothes, I highly recommend’s series of World Cup 2014 fashion and a historical look at football fashion by Esquire.

Keep watching the most beautiful game!




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